Jorge Fernández applauds Laura Moure’s professionalism in ‘La rouleta de la luck’: “She’s a mess”

“Do you know what professionalism is? I’m going to show you today”. With those words, Jorge Fernández began the last program of La rouleta de la luck.

The presenter was referring to his partner, Laura Moure, who is dragging a “toothache” already several days, something that, however, has not caused him to miss a single day from his job.

And, as Jorge said, even though they are always very happy in La roulette de la luck, they also have bad days. “Here you always see us very happy, but you don’t know at home what each one of us has and Laura is quite annoyed by the toothache”.

Then, as the camera focused, the presenter continued with his compliments: “She’s like nothing’s wrong, with a smile, and she’s screwed. She would have to be at home and she is here, like a professional, “he finished, to the applause of the audience for her.

“Thank you very much, compi, I appreciate it a lot”, she reciprocated.

“I’m pretty pissed off”, she later admitted, about her toothache.