Jorge Campillo could replace Jon Rahm in the golf tournament

The Extremaduran Jorge Campillo could replace Jon rahm, positive for covid-19, in the Spanish golf team that will participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, if the efforts it is carrying out in the same Japanese capital are successful, the technical director of the RFEG, Ignacio Gervás.

Gervás, in statements to ., reported that “we are effectively trying to speed up all possible avenues so that Campillo can be at the Olympic event in Rahm’s place. It is very difficult, but there is a path that we are trying to exhaust to the maximum,” he said .

In this sense, Campillo, who gave all his willingness to go to Tokyo, has already undergone a first PCR in Cádiz, as has his caddy, who is in a northern Spanish town.

“This Monday we will try to make them the second of the pcr, by Tuesday they will be subjected to the mandatory third, in the required times. If everything goes well, and the required deadlines are met, they would travel to Tokyo on Tuesday,” he added Gervás.

The Extremaduran is doing his best to solve this last minute problem for Spanish golf and to be able to be at the Kasumigaseki Country Club on Thursday accompanying Adri Arnaus. So much so, that according to his accounts he could be in time to play the Games … as long as the IGF and the Tokyo 2020 organization authorize it.

Campillo believes that he could complete the process of obtaining three negative results in three PCRs in 72 hours and arrive at the event on time. This Sunday he underwent a test, another tomorrow Monday and a third on Tuesday morning before taking a British Airways flight to Tokyo that departs from Madrid this Tuesday at 12.10. The main difficulty would be that apparently these tests can only be carried out at specific authorized points, something that would complicate the situation.

In any case, with this hasty but possible schedule, Jorge would arrive in Tokyo on Wednesday morning and would even have time to walk around the field where the Olympic test will be played to take notes before the competition. A last minute solution so that Spain does not lose a representative in the golf test after the lack of foresight of the RFEG after the positive of Jon Rahm caused this situation.

The Federation has reacted, perhaps too late, but it has done so and is trying to put its communication to the IGF on stand-by by giving up the second men’s golf place for Spain to try to have a partner for Adri Arnaus. In the next few hours there should be a final decision.

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