Jordi Sánchez (‘La que se avecina’) recovers after being admitted to the ICU due to coronavirus: “It improves every day”

On February 6, we learned through a statement issued by his family that Jordi Sánchez had been admitted to the ICU after being infected with coronavirus. However, they sent a reassuring message by ensuring that it was evolving favorably. Almost two weeks after being admitted, it was Nathalie Seseña who updated her health status.

Nathalie Seseña with Jordi Sánchez in a scene from ‘La que se avecina’

His partner from ‘La que se avecina’ has shared a publication on Instagram with an image of both where he sends him « all the energy of love to this being I love so much« , ensuring that » very soon we will provide and celebrate life. « Followers of fiction have been interested in his state of health, which Berta has taken the opportunity to answer their questions.

« Recovering », assured the interpreter, who was very optimistic in the response to another user: « Is improving every day, on the way to full recoveryDespite still being admitted, Jordi Sánchez seems to be improving little by little, so it is expected that very soon I leave the ICU and start your recovery in the plant.

The team of ‘La que se avecina’ follows his recovery very closely

Jordi Sánchez is one of the actors who has been working on ‘La que se avecina’ since its early days. The team of the series is very attached to him and it is common to see messages of encouragement on social networks. Luis Merlo, Pablo Chiapella or Víctor Palmero are some of those who have sent their affection this way, as well as Silvia Abril, who a few days ago shared that « every day I send you tons of good energy« .