Jordi González and Carlos Sobera return as presenters of ‘Survivors 2021’

‘Survivors 2021’ is getting closer every day. Mediaset has not yet confirmed the list of contestants or a start date for the new edition of the survival reality show, but the news comes from the hosts of the space themselves. Jordi González and Carlos Sobera have confirmed that they will be in the presenter team again.

Carlos Sobera, Jorge Javier Vázquez, Lara Álvarez and Jordi González for ‘Survivors 2020’

Jordi Gonzalez has given an interview to the Catalan public radio RAC1, where he has confirmed that he will present the Sunday debate of ‘Survivors’, under the name of ‘Survivors: Honduras Connection’. In this way, Jordi returns to Telecinco after rumors of a possible end of relationship between the presenter and Paolo Vasile’s network. The rumors began when Sonsoles Ónega was chosen as the presenter of the debates of ‘La casa fuerte 2’. Although the start date of ‘Survivors 2021’ is unknown, Jordi confirmed during his interview that I had already traveled to Madrid to take the promotional photos of the new edition, as well as for record the first spots.

On the other hand, Carlos Sobera He has also confirmed that he will be in front of ‘Survivors: No Man’s Land’ during an interview for Cadena Cope. Sobera will combine the reality show on Tuesdays, with the recordings of new installments of ‘First Dates’ and the imminent return of the mythical ‘The right price’, that the presenter senses which will premiere next April. In this way, Telecinco once again relies on the same team of presenters from the last two editions, with Jorge Javier Vazquez at the head of Thursday’s programs and Lara Alvarez presenting the format from Honduras.

The return of Jordi González to Telecinco

Jordi González returns to Telecinco after having been more than eight months in silence. After what happened with ‘La Casa Fuerte 2’ and Sonsóles Ónega, the presenter stated that « after 100 days of reality show » he wanted to « disconnect » until last September. However, the end of the summer season came and nobody knew anything about Jordi, who did not even update his social networks. « As much as there are those who insist on disturbing the relationship, my connection to Telecinco is great and goes for a long time« , said the presenter at the time. And so, it has been demonstrated.