Jordi Cruz takes Twitter ahead with his reply to this tweet from Casado: 44,000 ‘likes’

The controversial tweet by Pablo Casado. (Photo: TWITTER / PABLO CASADO)

The presenter Jordi Cruz, remembered for his time at the head of Art Attack, has published one of the most popular tweets of the weekend thanks to the response he has given to a message from Pablo Casado in which he defended bullfighting.

“In Madrid, whoever wants to can go to the bullfighting and whoever doesn’t want to go doesn’t go. That is freedom ”, wrote the leader of the PP after attending a bullfight in San Isidro in Las Ventas.

“It is a fundamental part of our culture and our economic sector,” he had assured shortly before to justify his presence in the Madrid bullring.

“I am very happy to be able to share this afternoon of bullfighting here, in Vistalegre, on the San Isidro festival, a fact that shows that Madrid is a space of freedom that allows afternoons like this to be enjoyed and that, hopefully, it will serve that there may be many more, after, above all, the hard year that bullfighting has passed, “he added in statements to Movistar.

Casado’s tweet has provoked thousands of reactions and, among them, the most notorious has been Jordi Cruz, who with just one question accumulates more than 40,000 ‘likes and 9,000 retweets: “And the bull, who asks him if he wants to to go?”.

Another of those who has reacted to Casado’s message has been the popular Pasapalabra contestant Pablo Díaz, who has reminded the leader of the PP two things. One, that “the right to life is a fundamental pillar of liberal thought. Torturing an animal to death I don’t know if it suits him ”.

And another: “I’m paying for something that I don’t want against my will, because you subsidize it with PUBLIC money.” After that, he finished: “Maybe so, so liberal you are not.”


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