Rod Thorn He was one of the privileged who was behind the assembly of the best basketball team in history. With a long career in the NBA, Thorn had in the run up to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics the mission of convincing all the stars to join in playing together for the United States in a team that ended up being the most devastating thing that was seen .

Thorn himself spoke to ESPN and answered without question on the topic of the week, which is the non-inclusion of Isiah Thomas on the team after his fight with Michael Jordan, episode that was reflected in the last broadcast of “The Last Dance”. However, whoever was considered the architect of that team, stated that “there was never anything in my conversation with Jordan that talks about Isiah Thomas, period”

Thorn added that “Isiah’s name never came out during the conversation we had” and that “if that really happened (Jordan’s refusal to have Thomas on the team) he spoke to someone else, because when I spoke to him , ended up telling me that he would play ”

Thorn further stated that he was a member of the committee that chose the players and that “I spoke to Michael why the committee expected Michael to play, because he was the best player in the league and in the world at the time.” Finally, when asked about any new reason for Thomas’s absence, the executive stated that “Isiah was a great player” but that “when we finished the list of the top 10 names, he ended up being left out of the elect”, leaving Of course, under his position, there was nothing unusual with that process.