Detroit Pistons was champion of the NBA the years 1989 and 1990, the two previous campaigns to the beginning of the reign of the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan. During that time, MJ did not accept those defeats with the Bad Boys and his relationship with Isiah Thomas, the leader of that team, was beginning to be horrible. As we published on Blogdebasket a few days ago, to this day MJ still hates the Pistons, among other things for the 1991 riot, when the Bulls finally managed to beat them in the 91 East Finals, after which the players from the Pistons left the field without saying goodbye to the Bulls players.

Isiah Thomas comments on The Last Dance that it was normal in that period to leave without saying goodbye: “During that period of time that was what happened. When you lost, you went out the door.

However, Michael Jordan seems not to agree much with Thomas and has been clear about it: “That is rubbish, I do not care what you put on me, there is no way to convince me that he was an asshole.”

Thus, it seems that thirty years of that had not happened. Jordan is still just as hurt with the team that pounded him for several years before he could be champion.