Selling is for many people an even annoying concept, since they do not know what a sales process implies, how you can apply the principles of sale in your daily life and how to enhance the work you carry out with sales strategies.

The basis of sales is communication and by understanding this process, bases are established to be able to make sense of our ideas and transmit them.

In Camino del Lobo, El. Master the art of persuasion, influence and success Jordan Belfort He returns in this unmissable work where he explains how to apply his famous straight line sales system.

Belfort’s promise is that the work will completely change the level of play in sales, as it ensures showing how to cut the sales cycle, increase the percentage of sales closings and how to create a flow of recommendations in constant operation, so that you Make customers, even those who last for life.

Another logic of this book is that it is aimed at people who refuse to accept the concept of seller and claim that their profession and lifestyle has little to do with this trade, but Belfort argues that a sales discipline allows people to communicate their ideas, from convincing the little ones in the house that they should bathe or eat their vegetables, to convincing the innocence of a client before a jury, in the case of being a lawyer.

Belfort’s work is a powerful communication guide that will help you master this art and thereby achieve greater ability to perform in the market, either looking for a job or giving directions at home.