The legendary Michael Jordan returned to become the media spotlight on Thursday after he recognized through the ABC television program “Good Morning America” ​​that the last year with the Chicago Bulls had been “very difficult and complicated”.


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As the world of basketball awaits the documentary series “The Last Dance” starting this weekend, with Jordan as the central figure, the legend anticipates that everyone in the Bulls knew that the 1997-98 season would be the last one they were going to be together.

“From the beginning everything was difficult because we found out that Phil Jackson was no longer going to return to the team, regardless of what we could achieve on the field,” Jordan explained. “General manager Jerry Krause had already told Jackson that even if we were 82-0, he was not going to continue, and my position was to join the coach.”

Jordan commented that it was Jackson himself, with whom he won the sixth league title that same season, who said that you had to enjoy yourself to the fullest, because it was the “last dance”, but also compete at the highest level to do well things.

“As sad as it sounded at the beginning of the year, we try to enjoy and end it the right way,” Jordan said..

The documentary series, which will begin Sunday night on the ESPN television network and will run for the next five Sundays, tells the final season that Jordan played in Chicago, which saw the Bulls win their third consecutive title and the sixth in eight seasons.

It also covers Jordan’s life before that year, including his time in North Carolina, where he won a national championship in 1982 by shooting the winning shot in the NCAA national college title game against center Patrick Ewing and Georgetown.

Jordan said in the documentary that it was at that time that he went from “Mike Jordan” to “Michael Jordan”.

“Until that moment, nobody knew who I was”Jordan admitted. “Outside of college, they knew me as ‘Mike Jordan.'” And when I got that shot, my full name became ‘Michael Jordan’, and I think it reached a lot of people outside of UNC. “

When evaluating a segment of the documentary that was presented during the interview conducted by the presenter Robin Roberts, which shows his confrontation with the owner of the Bulls, Jerry Reinsford, and with Krause, because he returned before he was recovered from the fracture that suffered in the foot during the second season of professional, Jordan said that he was always “a fighter”.

“The determination and perseverance that I always showed during my professional career came from the example that my parents gave me,” said Jordan. “They both worked very hard to support our family and set an example for all of my brothers, sisters and me.”

Jordan highlighted that he lived and learned through them, so it became part of his nature how he faced life on and off the field.

“I always look at the negative and make it positive … And while I try to teach my children, just take that negative, learn from it and make it positive”Jordan noted. “And it all came from my parents.”