According to Variety, translating the first of three chapters from the BBC and Netflix ‘Drcula’, Jonny Campbell will be in charge of the adaptation for the big screen ofCold Storage, the science fiction novel by David Koepp that in Spain we know as ‘Below zero’ whose rights have been acquired by Paramount Pictures.

Koepp himself adapt his novel published in 2019, a wild and terrifying adventure about three strangers who must work together to contain a highly contagious and deadly organism. Koepp, screenwriter and director who has collaborated on major box office hits like ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Mission: Impossible’, ‘Spider-Man’ or ‘Angels and Demons’, will also produce the film alongside Gavin Polone.

The plot of the book is as follows:

Thirty-two years ago, Roberto Diaz, who was part of a secret Pentagon team, traveled to the Australian desert to investigate a possible biochemical attack. What he found was much worse: A mushroom-like organism with high mutating abilities and an epidemic destructive power. He then managed to contain it in an underground cold room inside a highly protected military facility.

Now, those government facilities have been dismantled and sold to a storage company. The organism, forgotten for decades, seems to have found a way out and is mutating faster than ever. Diaz, now retired, is urgently summoned to help two security guards, unwitting heroes: an ex-convict and a single mother, who day after day struggle to try to straighten lives. Diaz knows perfectly well what is at stake, and his two new companions will learn on the fly, facing the ghastly effects of the organism face to face. The goal, once again, seems simple: Quarantine this horror and save all of humanity.

Although this project is a priority for the study and trying to accelerate it as much as possible, the global situation with the pandemic has meant that for the moment they have to wait to start production.