Jones’ coach thinks $ 50 million is fair for fighting Ngannou

Jon Jones’ team continues to prepare for his eventual heavyweight debut. Although nothing is signed, coach Mike Winkeljohn is convinced that his mentee and the UFC will reach an agreement.

Although no specific figures have been discussed, Jones is known to have said that less than ten million would be unacceptable. Jon’s trainer compares the potential of the fight to one of the famous boxer Floyd Mayweather. Therefore, he believes that the UFC should be willing to open the checkbook.

“I think this fight can be as big as Mayweather’s big fights. How much did Floyd make, a hundred million? But he was his own promoter. Jon has to share that with the UFC in terms of pay-per-view sales. But I don’t see why it couldn’t be a $ 50 million fight. The UFC would still make money and could pay off much of the debt they have and move on. The UFC needs a superstar like Jon Jones. “

Winkeljohn has an extensive background in the industry and knows how negotiations work. The coach knows that in the end it all comes down to the numbers and what each party is willing to accept.

“Everything is a great game. They have to decide how many PPVs they want to sell, and how much Jon Jones is worth to make those sales. Jon has to decide if the offer is enough to risk his legacy, how much money is it worth taking that risk? “

Francis Ngannou has expressed his desire to face Jon Jones. However, he has also reiterated that he wants to be an active champion and keep the division moving. Therefore, there are no guarantees that the Cameroonian’s first defense will be against Jon Jones.

“It is a toss up. At the end of the day, no one knows more than the two of them. How much Dana is willing to give and how much Jon is willing to accept, only the two of them know. Everything is in the air. Who knows what will happen. Maybe there will be another fight in the middle, just because the negotiations will drag on. “

Finally, he expressed his confidence that the negotiations would eventually come to fruition. Fan interest could be the key to the UFC making a greater effort to carry out the fight.

“I think it will eventually happen. The fans want to see that fight. He wants to see the scariest guy in the world. In my mind that guy is Jon Jones, but for them by punching power, Francis is the scariest. And they want to see him take on the best of all time. Having a strategy, knowledge, technique and resistance, surpasses force any day. “

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