Jonathan Villar, an unexpected spark in the New York Mets

The dominican Jonathan Villar has been a great piece in the Mets of New York so far in the 2021 season in the Big leagues.

Jonathan Villar who everyone expected to see him sign a Minor League contract, he signed a contract guaranteed for 1.5 million and a season with the Mets, something that left many confused.

The native of La Vega, had a terrible Spring Training, but in the month of April and part of May when the team went through a terrible offensive streak, Jonathan Villar did everything.

In a dramatic meeting against the Phillies, Villar managed to score from the first with a single, when he saw that the runners lowered their guard he managed to enter until third and as if that were not enough to the home plate to even the game.

Here the videos:

Also on April 13, Jonathan Villar he hit a bases-loaded hit to put the Phillies on the ground against Hector Neris’ shipments.

While the same thing happened shortly thereafter against the Baltimore Orioles, with a first ground roll he lowered the winning run thanks to his instincts and good speed.

And as if that weren’t enough, he hit a two-run home run off one of MLB’s best pitchers, Tyler Glasnow to put the Mets ahead on the scoreboard.

Here the videos:

Villar is hitting 239. with 2 homers, 9 RBIs and 2 stolen bases, being one of the best in situational at-bats.

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