Jon Rahm reveals his most intimate side on YouTube

The Spanish Jon rahm, number one in the world golf, reveals intimate aspects of his life, as he writes a diary as therapy, in a documentary of the series ‘The Jump’ (the jump) that the manufacturer of golf equipment ‘Callaway’ broadcasts through its channel in Youtube.

Referring to how he learned English, a language he now speaks in an almost native way, Rahm says: “I did not learn to speak English by listening to the music of Kendrick lamar (rapper). But that’s how I started. Hip hop helped; I was trying to memorize his lyrics to speed up my learning process. “

He also reveals a story that his father “always remembers”: ‘I left him at the airport and I didn’t know if he was traveling to Moscow, Scottsdale, Washington … I don’t know’. “And that’s how my college career started,” he continues.

He also says he met his wife in college. “She was not interested in athletes. And she thought I was one of the worst on the team. It took her a while to realize that the truth is that I was one of the best players in the country. She always loved me for being who I am.” , it states.

He also stresses that he takes “mental work very seriously.” “It is one of the keys to my consistency. I write a journal because it makes me meditate deeply and it is extremely therapeutic. When I write I notice that everything just comes out,” he confesses.

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His family life is very important: “Having my wife, Kelly, and being a father has made me a better player. I may be very angry about a bad day of golf, but come home and see the little one Kepa It makes me think: ‘you are a father; forget'”.

Rahm claims that he chose to “give happiness.” “I am also very intense, but I am a happy person,” he continues. “I am extremely happy with what I have achieved, but this has not ended here,” he says.

‘The Jump’ presents Rahm as the player who “has accomplished almost everything a golfer could dream of after leaving Arizona State as a two-time award winner. Ben hogan (to the best amateur player in the world) “.

“Six titles on the PGA Tour, seven victories on the European Tour, for which he has been Player of the Year, world number one and a new role as father. All he lacked was a title in a ‘major’,” he adds on Rahm, who did it this season by winning the US Open.

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