Jon Pascua says goodbye to Sarabia and Setién

04/06/2021 at 6:55 PM CEST

Jon Pascua, the goalkeeping coach who accompanied Quique Setién on his short-lived adventure on the FC Barcelona bench, has said goodbye on his blog to both Setién and Éder Sarabia, his fellow travelers in the last three years. And he has done it, how could it be otherwise, with a very long text in which he talks about friendship and quotes countless names to talk about it.

Pascua showed great thanks to both, also to Fran Soto, physical trainer. In his farewell letter he talks about all the good things they have experienced together on these trips and also about the saddest moments. Of course, without talking at any time about a specific stage. For Easter, they were all equally important.

“And to you, Mr. Enrique Setién Solar, thank you for giving me the opportunity to achieve a dream that at times seemed like an illusion and a mirage. Thank you for your honesty, integrity, for your closeness and your humility, but above all thank you for having given me the opportunity to write a goodbye feeling proud of having worked by your side and not for you but with you, “said de Setién.