Jon Jones is in no rush: “I’ll be back when I’m fine and ready”

Jon Jones | Picture:

The light heavyweight GOAT, Jon Jones, gave up his 205-pound title in August 2020, in an attempt to move up to the heavyweight division. He did, according to the fighter himself, in order to pursue legacy and greatness.

Y, It has been almost a year since his move to the heavyweight division and Jones has yet to make his debut.. But he has put in a lot of effort and gained a lot of weight and muscle to be ready for the top weight division in the UFC.


Recently, Jones took to Twitter for a question and answer session with fans.. A fan told Jones that he had to shut up the mouths of people who wanted to see him lose. “Bones” stated that he knew a lot of people wished him ill, and then went on to state that becoming a heavyweight “is a serious process.”

«I know that many do, that’s why I’m not going to let anyone rush me. Becoming a heavyweight is a serious process. Not many people understand what it takes to do it the right way. I’ll be back when I’m fine and ready«.

There have been many concerns about Jones’ loss of usual speed and his gas tank if he moves to the heavyweight division. Jones referred to it when asked by a hobbyist if the increase in size would affect his cardiovascular capacity and speed. Jones’ tweet read:

“Definitely it would hurt my speed and cardio if I tried to rush the process. Achieving greatness is not something that is done overnight, sometimes patience and perseverance is needed. Right now my biggest fight is in the gym every day. Getting more gold will come later.

Jones probably will face heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou or at least some high-ranking heavyweight contender on his debut in the 265-pound division, as long as the coast (between him and the UFC) is clear.


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