No one in the community of UFC has hesitated to react after the latest arrest of Jon Jones, what he was arrested by the police accused of driving under the influence of alcohol as well as carrying a firearm. The Semi-Complete World Champion was once again in trouble when it seemed his bad life was behind him.

In this case we bring recent statements from company commentator Jon Anik to MMA Fighting.

“It’s sad. It is embarrassing for his daughters, mainly. Because they are getting older and each time it seems that (Jon Jones) is turning the page, that he is being able to continue on the right path, it turns out that everything goes wrong. It’s sad to me because I like the boy.

“If you just judged him on his personal behavior towards me, he couldn’t say a bad thing because he’s been great since we met in his hotel room in 2011 before beating Shogun to win the belt. We always had a good relationship.

“For me, who have a daughter, seeing a father in this situation makes me sad . I just hope I can turn sadness and anger into something positive.

“I also feel bad for his team, which has always supported him and has not necessarily been rewarded as they thought they would be. I have hope in Jon Jones, but you will have to try hard if you really want to make a change in your life.

“Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to change things and I think he has touched it