‘Jolt’ – How to escape from Lindy

‘Jolt’ is one of those essentially absurd action movies like ‘Shoot’ Em Up ‘,’ Crank ‘,’ Hardcore Henry ‘,’ Everly ‘or’ Guns Akimbo ‘. It’s so hard to take her premise seriously that even she doesn’t. Of course, and of course. From its fantastic prologue, it is clear that it is a “playful” and “escapist” film where the important thing is that the movement is always forward. Despite who gets upset.

And with Kate Beckinsale as the owner and mistress of a more hectic than decisive function that, as it usually happens, does not have much to say about life or the universe. And while it is not about that either, that we are not nor come to be in ‘A Day of Fury’, it is difficult to keep the flame of anger alive for 90 minutes if there is no foundation other than anger. Even the good exhausts when it does not go to more with the passage and hitting of the minutes.

Neither the style of ‘John Wick’, nor the personality of ‘Hardcore Henry’, nor the debauchery of ‘Crank’. Nor the ability of ‘The Raid’ to look above a tight budget that has gone to pay three or four salaries. Tanya Wexler displays the same energy and determination as in “How to Escape from Buffalo,” but like Joe Carnahan with “Die Again,” she is unable to elevate the film above its premise.

And what is it? A minor diversion in the vein of ‘Shoot’ Em Up ‘,’ Everly ‘or’ Guns Akimbo ‘, films that are adequately and amply enjoyed but that will not put us in agreement with friends when it comes to choosing them as the main course of the evening. Films that fulfill, or that rather drag us by the inertia obtained in their first bars rather than by having something to say about life and the universe.

‘Jolt’ is a film always on the move, and always forward. With energy, a lot of determination and a lot of confidence. But it doesn’t get to unleash its true potential, nor does it feature any memorable action scenes. Nor does it go further, nor does it make Lindy an iconic character. And yet despite this, her 90 minutes pass in a sigh that yes, it leaves us wanting to know what Susan Sarandon wants.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias


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