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The singer and former participant in the reality show La Academia was severely criticized on social media after she appeared in a video declaring herself pro-life and against abortion. The video was a compilation of alleged supporters all protesting against abortion and, of course, users who are in favor lashed out against him on social media.

I want and demand laws that truly protect pregnant women and not that promote the death of the weakest

Of course this earned him criticism from many of the internet users who are in favor of the possibility of abortion. and those who criticized that the singer served as the promotional face of a movement which is seen by most as conservative.

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In the video also appears the local representative of Querétaro, Elsa Adané Méndez Álvarez, who belongs to the Social Encounter Party (PES), and who said in favor of protecting life from conception because “it is in defense of the weakest  » We must remember that this party has been involved in controversy It is also an institution in favor of Christianity and those who in 2018 advocated redefining what the secular state is to introduce a law that allows the presence of a religious doctrine.

Of course, users of social networks could not miss the opportunity and immediately attacked the singer, unleashing the memes and the recordings in which she was heavily criticized, especially by Lolita Cortés, this during her participation in the La Academia program.

And it is that Jolette did not have a good time in the program, broadcast by the TV Azteca television network, because his « talent » was harshly criticized by judges such as Lolita Cortés and for her interpretations that she believed were of « high quality »

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An example is the user « It’s not you, I’m Gio » who put the following comment:

Only you reply to people as illiterate as Jolette. He has always lived in privilege, he has never opened a book more than the menu of a restaurant.

However, others more came to the singer’s defense, since they share her point of view regarding abortion, In addition to that many of her followers argued that she from the beginning spoke as a faithful Catholic and against initiatives that were in favor of abortion.

Lolita Cortés was relentless with Jolette (Photo: Instagram)

This is what the user @ ViridianaTorre7 said:

Jolette beautiful I love you more #MexicoEsProvida

Just today, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) debated the possibility of allowing abortion legally in the state of Veracruz, where it is illegal to do so and it will remain so since only one of the ministers spoke in favor of the change while the other four voted against. The project that sought to allow the pregnancy was from the minister Juan Luis Alcántara Carrancá.

So far the only states that allow a legal termination of pregnancy are Oaxaca and Mexico City, where the procedure can be done freely in public health institutions, as long as the gestation does not exceed 12 weeks of gestation (four months of pregnancy).


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