Jolette and Lolita Courteous face to face, Today could make it possible

Jolette and Lolita Cortés face to face, Today could make it possible | Instagram

The Stars Dance Today It gets more and more exciting, but the surprises will not stop as the journalist Alex Kaffie has revealed that the Hoy Program plans to unite the former academic Jolette again. Lolita Courteous.

According to the irreverent journalist, the producer of the morning star of Televisa, Andrea Rodríguez Doria, would be negotiating with the scandalous former student of La Academia who so many times faced the iron judge, Dolores Cortés.

A preview of this situation could be the appearance of Jolette during the participation of the couple formed by Laura Bozzo and Carlos Bonavides. Laura’s presenter in America has had many quarrels with the famous iron judge and that is why the young artist decided to intervene.

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Jolette decided to advise the Peruvian lawyer pointing out that she should ignore what was said by Lolita Cortés since her aim is to “destroy”, she asked Bozzo to enjoy everything since beauty is what she carries in her heart and stressed that Cortés has a character which from the outside looks quite exaggerated.

The popular young woman who caught the attention of many in The academy Due to her enormous beauty and her characteristic voice, she could be a new participant in Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy a dice de Kaffie.

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The journalist also shared that Laura Bozzo is having a bad time, since she is not being paid anything for being part of the dance contest of the morning star of Televisa; on the other hand, it would be Lolita Cortés who was taking “a good ticket”, for facing Bozzo and giving her criticism with the other couples.

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The truth is that viewers will surely eagerly await the union of these characters that will surely have an intense reaction, more than that of the interaction of Laura Bozzo and Lolita Cortés.

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Last Tuesday, May 11, Bozzo surprised everyone by his change of attitude and showing a fresher and more relaxed face, the same was reflected on the dance floor. Cortés thanked this and assured that he hopes that it is not just a performance and in reality, it is a definitive change in attitude.

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