Johnson & Johnson Announces Initiation of Human Clinical Trials for its COVID-19 Vaccine

The race for the development of this drug has involved governments and major pharmaceutical companies globally

J&J report boosted its shares on the New York Stock Exchange

The pharmaceutical Johnson & Johnson ranks among the main trends in Twitter due to the report related to the development of its vaccine against the coronavirus COVID-19.

This is one of the main issues on the global conjunctural agenda because more than 200 countries continue to face the pandemic and, although the World Health Organization (WHO) He has assured that it will not be until the first part of 2021 when the population begins to receive the medicine, there are various companies and organizations that are in the race to develop it as soon as possible.

J&J advances

On Thursday Johnson & Johnson said that began conducting human safety clinical trials for its COVID-19 vaccine within the territory of the United States.

This was disclosed after the pharmacist presented details of a study in monkeys that showed that its best-performing candidate vaccine offered strong protection in a single dose.

« This gives us confidence that we can test a single injection vaccine in this epidemic and know if it has a protective effect in humans, » said Paul Stoffels, chief scientific officer for Johnson & Johnson in an interview with ..

According to the information disclosed, the human clinical trial for the « 1/2 » phase of the vaccine is currently called Ad26.COV2.S It will be carried out with about a thousand healthy volunteers between 18 and 55 years old, from the United States and Belgium.

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A boost from your competition

There is a large body of research aimed at developing a coronavirus vaccine; those of CanSino Biologics, GlaxoSmithKline, Clover Biopharmaceuticals, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group, BioNTech and AstraZenecaThey are some of the most promising.

In fact, the latter, that of the British pharmaceutical company that is being investigated in collaboration with the University of Oxford, recently gave an advance on their project, reporting that their vaccine has generated a response in the immune system in certain people who participated in the initial tests. .

At the time, the report boosted the actions of AstraZeneca in the stock market, an effect similar to the one you are experiencing Johnson & JohnsonBecause their shares earn close to one percentage point on the Wall Street NYSE index, to reach a capitalization value higher than 387 billion dollars.

Although it seems like a small advance, it acquires more revenge if we consider the fact that it is a positive day that it has not registered since the past. July 23th, curiously when the British pharmacist presented her report.