Johnny López confessed that his uncle Juan Rivera demanded 40% of composition credits in some Jenni Rivera songs

The pitched battle between the sons of Jenni Rivera and his brothers Juan rivera Y Rosie rivera continues to grow by leaps and bounds. More now than the youngest son of “La Diva de la Banda”, Johnny López, gave some controversial statements to the show business program “El Gordo y La Flaca”. There, Jhonny confessed that his uncle Juan Rivera demanded 40% of composer credits in some Jenni Rivera songs.

Apparently, the late singer Jenni Rivera would have left some songs in the inkwell. Same as his brother found Juan rivera. According Johnny Lopez, he had been preparing a duet for one of those songs between what Jenni left and Chiquis Rivera. Obviously it would be a lot of studio work to accomplish this. So he wrote a whole new verse for add it to the song as such. Johnny confessed to the Univision cameras that his uncle Juan Rivera was asking for 40% of the composer credit: “… He did not compose anything and he uses situations like this to manipulate them in his favor and if we do not agree, he says that we are ungrateful ”.

The latter referring to the fact that he has always felt that his uncles have manipulated him emotionally and that he may not speak to him for the rest of their lives. Johnny lopez He assured that keeping them away would give him mental and emotional peace after the hard things he has been through in his life.

He also assured that he requested the audit just to see the reaction of the uncles. He also said that they should have received annual accounts from Jenni’s companies, but that has never happened. This would be the first time they will receive it. Still, when asked by the reporter if he expected to see something dubious in that accounting, Johnny He said very firmly: “I hope not.”

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Meanwhile, Juan Rivera has been doing “En Vivos” almost daily for a week, where he has stated where his fortune comes from, he has talked about the bad relationship he has always had with Lupillo Rivera intermittently, but he has also expressed the love he has for his nephews in them.

“I was wrong … Seeing my niece Jacqie broke my soul … I am the adult, I should lead by example …”, he said in some of his broadcasts in which he also clarified that the children of Jenni Rivera they did not demand the resignation of Rosie rivera rather, she herself said that she would have. As well as clarifying several points after leaving the first part of the interview of Johnny.

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