The image of a consensual agreement pledge of a family appeasement, in the file of the legacy of Johnny Hallyday, will have held only a few hours before the varnish cracks. While Laeticia Hallyday congratulated herself on July 3, 2020 through the voice of her lawyer, Maître Gilles Gauer, on having reached “a final agreement” with Laura Smet, the latter had tasted little, in the days that had followed, the content of the interview that her father’s widow had granted to Paris Match and had in a stormy reaction that there would be “never possible peace”. Although in solidarity with his sister in the standoff that she had engaged with Laeticia, David Hallyday, himself, had withdrawn from any action, aspiring only to one thing: to end the war and find serenity . What he has just confirmed in Figaro.

David receives nothing, whether patrimonial or financially

“We are not asking for anything and as soon as there is this agreement, we withdraw from any action”, had already clearly meant the advice of the artist of 53 years, Me Pierre-Jean Douvier, at the time of the announcement. of an agreement. “We didn’t sign anything because we didn’t ask for anything, he specified a few hours later. It was Laura who had this stroke, David followed her in solidarity. Only the memory of Johnny and the protection of children counted for us and we have them. “This guarantee acquired, David Hallyday” has officially renounced the succession of his father, Jean-Philippe Smet “, revealed on the evening of 31 July 2020 Léna Lutaud: “He did not wish to receive and did not receive anything whether financially or patrimonially”, added the journalist emeritus of the great daily, Me Douvier again noting that “this outcome is in accordance with the commitments that David Hallyday had taken since he has the guarantee that his three sisters [outre Laura : Jade et Joy, NDLR] are now protected and the memory of his father respected. withdraw from all legal proceedings, reiterated the magistrate to . a few minutes later. The goal of protecting her three sisters has been achieved and we are delighted. David does not receive anything, whether patrimonial or financially, and he does not ask for anything. He did not receive symbolic objects [contrairement à sa soeur Laura, NDLR]. Now the page is turned and David looks to the future with a return of serenity. “

If Me Douvier does not go into this degree of detail, the withdrawal of “any judicial proceedings” that he evokes obviously also concerns the current procedure in the United States, where Laeticia Hallyday requested the transfer of property and copyright on the trust established for her benefit by Johnny, in 2014.

100% nothing!

However, a point highlighted by Laeticia Hallyday deserved to be discussed … and rectified. While she declared “to have offered to David the rights of performers of the album Sang pour Sang and of the title Cadillac”, the son of Taulier sheds another light: “David is already a songwriter of this album and of this title, he did not wish to receive the rights of performer, indicated his lawyer to Le Figaro. The editorial rights belong to Universal, which did not contact him for such a donation. ” Nothing is nothing.

A technical point which seems to corroborate David Hallyday’s desire to completely free himself from the affair of inheritance and negotiations between Laeticia and Laura, the first retaining in particular the real estate and debts of the rocker, and the second receiving a financial compensation up to 2.5 million euros. Married in second marriage – since 2004 – with Alexandra Pastor and author of thirteen albums, David wishes “to devote himself totally to his family, his passion for music, his future projects and two causes which have been dear to him for a long time: animal protection and environmental “, underlined its representative, without evoking the appeals of the foot of Laeticia, as well for the exercise of the moral right on the work of Johnny as on a family slope. “I wrote a message to David about my daughters, who would like to find their brother. He did not answer me,” she lamented in Paris Match.