A recording revealed one of the murkier things of the battle between both Hollywood actors, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and that is that more and more things are revealed about what happened between them in the past.

The great battle between Johnny Deep and his ex-wife Amber for accusing him of hitting her continues and was during his fourth day of hearings where some pretty strong revelations emerged.

These revelations were through audios that occurred between the couple were in the years of 2015 and 2017.

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It was in an audio clip played at today’s hearing on Friday, July 10 and during the Johnny Depp libel trial against Britain’s Sun that he revealed a July 2016 conversation, Where the actor asked his ex-wife to cut it with a knife.

In this evidence presented before the English Court, Depp can be heard picking up a knife.

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Cut me wherever you want, ”he says to Heard.

At his request, she refused several times telling him that he would never do that and please ask him not to.

Do you want to cut me? Cut me where you want. Do you want to cut me somewhere: in the arm, in the chest? Where do you want to start? Cut me, « he says.

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The terrible conversation is interrupted out of nowhere when a housekeeper knocked on the door from the room they were in and that was when the relationship was already ending.

I want to see you do it. There is a way for the pain to go away, « he continued, before being interrupted.

After that loud audio, the actor also had an opportunity to present to the London High Court and blamed Amber for urge him not to stop drinking.

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Amber apparently consumed daily until three bottles of wine And he kept a bottle of Bulleit bourbon in the fridge for him, Deep said.

In addition, the actor noted that his ex-wife had many explosive reactions before some problems and behaviors that did not obey their routines.

It was almost as if there were rules, she has a routine and if that routine does not meet her standards, then there would be a problem, « he told the audience.

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This battle seems to have no end Some, as they increasingly get more compromising things from both actors, it remains only to hope that more happens in the coming days.