Johnny Depp and the cruel jokes he made to his ex-wife Amber Heard | INSTAGRAM

It seems that Jhonny was not as « holy » as everyone believed. During the trial against « The Sun » there was more and more evidence that both Amber and Johnny were violent towards each other, throughout the duration of their marriage and as the days have passed, the defense of the newspaper has shown that Depp is not as innocent as lately showed himself, although Amber hit him repeatedly.

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It was during the trial yesterday where these statements by the actress appeared, she mentioned that Depp liked to spend his free time in making jokes, which, as time progressed, became increasingly cruel, until reaching violence .

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For his part, Depp said that his ex-wife demanded sobriety of both alcohol and drugs, while she herself drank or consumed substances in front of him, which seemed to the actor an act of cruelty, therefore, he assured that he considered her a witch, an idea that he shared several times with his friend Paul Bettany, with whom he devised practical jokes for his wife, through various text messages.

The first of them proposed to buy him a beaver and then shave it to open a website. The page could be called: Johnny Depp hits Amber Heard’s beaver or Johnny Depp shaves Amber Heard’s beaver, when the texts were presented in court and the actress’s lawyer questioned if this was not a form of violence, Johnny Depp had nothing but to accept the fact.

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Likewise, in the London Supreme Court it was also shown that the jokes rose to « level », when friends found themselves in the dilemma of what was better: burn Amber or drown her, Johnny concluded that they should first drown her , before burning her and then raping her corpse to make sure she was dead.

And only in this way could they verify if Amber was a witch or not, again, the actor had no choice but to admit that this was also a form of violence.

They also touched on a topic referring to the beautiful woman’s 30th birthday, in which things got out of control, since Johnny arrived two hours late to his wife’s party, celebrated on April 21, 2016, since he had just received terrible news of his finances and to calm down, he started smoking m @ rihu @ n @, which infuriated his wife.

When the guests left, Johnny went to bed to read, but soon the discussion began, Amber said that at one point her ex-husband threw a bottle of champagne at her and then threw it on the floor several times, before leaving her a note that said « Damn happy birthday ».

However, Johnny said that Amber had drunk a lot during the party, so when she found him in bed reading she attacked him and hit him in the face four times, and to continue with this, the next day Heard defecated in bed. they shared, and she had said it was just « a harmless joke ». Upon learning what she had been able to do, Depp decided to divorce.