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One of the things that COVID-19 stole from us was Keanu Reeves’ day. The actor, originally, was going to release two films on May 21: Matrix 4 Y John wick 4. The franchises had to be postponed due to the health crisis, but the second is now just shy of starting production and it has been revealed that actor Bill Skarsgård is the latest addition to the cast.

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According to Collider, Bill skarsgard will have a role in John wick 4. There are no details about his character, because the production has been very cautious with leaks. The film is preparing to begin filming and we have heard from other cast members. In addition to this interpreter, it was also revealed that Donnie Yen would join the franchise in this fourth installment.

The fourth installment of the saga will be directed by Chad Stahelski, who made John Wick 3: Parabellum – 98%. There are no plot details either, but if you stay true to the simple spirit of the original film, chances are there is some pretext to see Keanu reeves murdering a bunch of other murderers who are looking to collect the price on your head. How do the other characters fit in? That we will have to find out.

Skarsgard is one of the youngest members of the family of that surname who have decided to pursue a career in acting. He is best remembered for bringing Pennywise to life in It (It) – 85%, the adaptation of Andy Muschietti. The character is the grim antagonist of that film and one of the many forms of the cosmic being that stalks the children of the city of Derry. Nevertheless, John wick 4 it won’t be your first action adventure.

The actor has collaborated on several occasions with David Leitch, director of Another Day To Kill – 85%, the first installment of the saga. In the past, he had roles in his films Atomic – 76% and a brief participation as a vomitory mutant in Deadpool 2 – 85%. So it’s no wonder he’s found a place in the franchise that he produces and was started by one of the filmmakers he frequently collaborates with.

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The most recent movie we saw him in was The Devil at All Hours – 65%. In that suspense film, he also had a brief role as the father of one of the protagonists, who is a religious fanatic who commits suicide after the death of his wife, leaving his son an orphan. The film is a Netflix original title and you can find it there if you haven’t seen it yet, it was released in the middle of last year.

John wick 4 Its premiere is still scheduled for the end of May 2022 and a fifth of it has already been given the green light. Skarsgard will likely spend the summer shooting that film with the rest of the cast. He will not be the only one in his family with a busy year, as his father has an important role in Dune, which will arrive at the end of the year, while his brother Alexander Skarsgård, has on the way The Northman, the long-awaited new film by Robert Eggers.

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