The documentary ‘The Last Dance‘, which narrates how the last season of Michael Jordan in Chicago Bulls (1997/98), it has a large number of testimonies both from members of the Illinois franchise squad and from rivals that they have had throughout the dynasty where they managed to win six times with the title of NBA champion.

The documentary itself will end its broadcast just when the Finals against the Utah Jazz of Karl Malone and John StocktonThe ones from Jordan’s famous Game Winner in Game 6 that made the Bulls take the ring in the same game. However, producing that chapter during the filming of ‘The Last Dance’ was a difficult task for ESPN, because Stockton himself refused to participate in it.

This was recently admitted by the director of the documentary on The Dan Patrick Show, John Stockton was for two years rejecting his appearance on ‘The Last Dance’ because the former Utah Jazz player considered it to be “an advertorial of Michael Jordan. At the last minute, Stockton picked up the phone and agreed to shoot his part of the documentary. “

John Stockton spent almost 20 years in the NBA (from 1984 to 2003, all seasons in Utah Jazz), and he never managed to lift a ring, and the times he was closest to winning were in 1997 and 1998, both falling in the Finals against the Jordan Bulls.