There has been a lot of talk in The Last Dance and in the media about what Isiah Thomas He did not go to the Barcelona Olympics because he was a bad guy that nobody liked. It’s something that Michael Jordan He acknowledges in the documentary and that he has filled articles and pages and pages of newspapers in the last thirty years.

However, it is something that is not entirely true. The main reason Thomas did not go to the ’92 Games was sports. At those moments John Stockton she was much better than him. And, in addition, Thomas stood out above all in his career for being a great scorer. Stockton for being a great passer (the best in the history of the league).

A team that included Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird and Karl Malone, among others, did not need another shooter. She needed a man capable of channeling the game towards them. And for that Stockton was always better than Thomas. In fact, in that 91/92 campaign, that of the Jazz surpasses that of the Pistons (already falling) in almost all facets of the game (offensive and defensive rating, hitting the shot, passing …).

So the discussion is not logical. Thomas did not go to Barcelona because at that time there was no place for him in the Dream Team.

Jordan, like he does with other players, completely forgets Stockton in The Last Dance. She doesn’t pay a compliment to a guy who came close to snatching a ring from her. A guy who had it with the rope around his neck in two finals.