John McAfee’s cryptocurrency surges 2,000% a day after his death

The WHACKD token, created by John McAfee in November 2019, rose more than 2,000% approximately one day after the death of the creator of the famous antivirus, which occurred on June 23.

Also famous for being a huge cryptocurrency enthusiast, John McAfee created the token in reference to the death of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

The American committed suicide on August 10, 2019, while serving a sentence for various crimes such as trafficking and sexual abuse. The case gained wide coverage in the media and, To this day, he is identified as a “suspect” by conspiracy theorists.

McAfee was one of the supporters of this trend and created the WHACKD cryptocurrency with the description “Epstein did not kill himself”, perpetuating the conspiracy theories that involve Epstein in the blockchain.

The token, ERC-20 developed on the Ethereum (ETH) network, never managed to gain much prominence in recent months, until news of its creator’s death made WHACKD take off. The name refers to the English term “whacked”, a colloquial term for “assassinated.”

McAfee’s death fuels new theories

John McAfee was found dead in a prison in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The person responsible for the creation of the famous antivirus software He had been in prison since October last year on charges in the US court for evasion of millions of dollars.

A good part of this amount, according to the US government, would come from McAfee deals involving cryptocurrencies. His death occurred shortly after the court granted his extradition to the United States.

Before his arrest, the mogul had commented several times that the US government supposedly wanted to “see him dead.”

In a tweet on November 30, 2019, he addressed the issue by promoting the WHACKD token:

“Receiving subtle messages from US officials saying, in effect, ‘We’re after you, McAfee! We’re going to kill you. ‘ Today I got a tattoo just in case [eso pasa]. If I commit suicide, I don’t. I was assassinated. Look at my right arm. $ WHACKD is only available from McAfeedex 🙂 ”.

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WHACKD soars over 2,000%

Following McAfee’s death, a new wave of speculation emerged on the internet surrounding the incident that recovers the 2019 tweet and questions the suicide confirmed by the Spanish authorities.

Still, the theories appear to have been enough to affect the price of the cryptocurrency, which began recording transactions shortly after news of the death emerged.

The WHAKD token created by John McAfee soared 2,000%.  Source: DEXToolsThe WHAKD token created by John McAfee soared 2,000%.  Source: DEXTools

The WHAKD token created by John McAfee soared 2,000%. Source: DEXTools

At the end of the article, the WHACKD token is trading with a sharp increase of 2.077% in the last 24 hours, trading at $ 0.00221858 according to the DEXTools tool.

In inquiries about Etherscan, it is possible to verify that the asset has a maximum offer above 845 million units, and that it already exceeds 30,000 wallets.

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