John McAfee takes his life after an extradition order

Harsh and unexpected ending for John McAfee, the one who was one of the pioneers of computer security, and as we learned just a few minutes ago, the controversial McAfee, who He was currently being held in Brians 2 Prison, in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires, Barcelona, he has taken his life. Public officials have tried to resuscitate him but it has not been possible, so medical personnel have only been able to certify his death. A judicial procession has been displaced to the place in order to try to determine the cause of death, although at the moment everything points to suicide.

It is a surprise, of course, but it is undoubted that John McAfee’s current situation was far from ideal. Since the sale of McAfee to Intel, in August 2010, he began to star in some news very distant from the profile of cybersecurity expert and businessman that we knew until now, which made him gain some public relevance but, in return, threw on him an image of an eccentric person that has accompanied him to the end of his days.

Arrested at El Prat airport on October 4, 2020, at the request of the US authorities and when he was about to take a flight to Istanbul, since then John McAfee has been held in that center, and even gave an interview to the media during this period. The reason why America’s justice is an alleged debt of 3.35 million euros, contracted by having hidden from the treasury the income obtained between 2016 and 2018 with its operations with cryptocurrencies.

Since entering prison, the United States justice has requested the extradition of John McAfee, who claimed to be quite comfortable in a Spanish jail, “The prisons here are like the Hilton compared to the United States,” he went on to say. The trigger for his suicide must have been, with practically total security, the decision of the Second Section of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court, taken last week, and which authorized the extradition that McAfee feared so much, added to the fact that he already Before receiving this news, he seemed to be quite discouraged, it must have been the trigger.

In this tweet from last week, John McAfee claimed that the US tax agency’s accusation that it still had a high volume of cryptocurrencies in its possession was uncertain. According to him, all those cryptocurrencies had been taken over by his former collaborators, with whom he has dedicated himself to this market in recent years, and he ended the message with a laconic “I have nothing. However, I do not regret anything. The message was published just a week ago, on Wednesday June 16. He later posted several more messages about life in prison and about corruption and power.

This is not something new either, his complaints of alleged corruption come from afar, and the last chance he had to expose them was the extradition hearing held last week. In it, he claimed to have paid millions of dollars in taxes, and affirmed that the real reason why the United States government demanded his extradition was political persecution, for having denounced corruption in the United States tax agency.

“There is no supporting evidence that such a thing could be happening”, was the response obtained by John McAfee from the Audiencia Nacional, who thus dismissed his arguments to avoid being extradited. A procedure that is not new for him, as we remember that he was already deported to the United States in 2012, after a month in which he made headlines for the suspicious death of a neighbor (with whom he had a very bad relationship) by a shot in the head, his surprising appearance in Guatemala, where he requested asylum but was arrested for illegal entry and, finally, his deportation to the United States.

Already at that time, John McAfee claimed that he was subject to political persecution, although his name was already linked to illegal activities such as drug trafficking, corruption of minors, altercations and alteration of public order, possession of weapons and, of course, the suspicion that he had had something to do with the death of his neighbor.


Image: NullSession

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