John McAfee dies after committing suicide in a Barcelona prison

John mcafee, founder of antivirus McAfee, has been found dead in his cell in Brians 2 prison, in Barcelona, ​​according to prison sources. The Mossos d’Esquadra point to a suicide after a preliminary investigation carried out at the scene.

The tycoon’s death comes a day after the Supreme court approved his extradition to the United States during a visit last week. McAfee’s defense had three days to file appeals against the decision, although it was not expected to be reversed.

The deceased was arrested on October 3, 2020 by the National Police at the El Prat airport (Barcelona), shortly before taking a plane to Turkey.

The United States accuses John mcafee of various tax offenses after discovering that he allegedly evaded four million dollars in taxes for profits made from trading cryptocurrencies between 2016 and 2018. The founder of the well-known antivirus that bears his name was facing a total of ten years in prison.

In his last message published on Twitter, on June 16, he refers to the accusations made against him by the United States. He assured that he does not have access to digital currencies. He also stated that his friends disappeared but that he has no regrets.

The Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya has issued an official press release, explaining that prison surveillance officials and medical services made an intervention after finding the body of John McAfee. Unfortunately they were not able to revive him. “The judicial procession has traveled to the prison and is investigating the causes of death. Everything indicates that it could be a death by suicide.”

The Justice Department The United States has also confirmed the death of McAfee, although they have not yet issued an official statement with the causes.

John McAfee: Years of Trouble with the Law

During the last decade, John mcafee had dozens of problems with the law in different parts of the world. He has been charged with fraud, murder, tax evasion, and has even faked heart problems to avoid arrest.

November 12, 2012: Belize seeks McAfee for murder. He was the prime suspect in the shooting and killing of Gregory Viant Faull.December 6, 2012: Guatemala denies asylum to the tycoon, who was arrested the day before for entering the country illegally. A few hours before being extradited to Belize, he feigned heart problems and was held in the National Police hospital. A week later he returns to the United States.Jul 24, 2019: He was arrested in the Dominican Republic after finding illegal weapons on his yacht.October 3, 2020: Arrested in Spain at the request of the United States for possible crime of tax evasion.McAfee Headquarters

From Lockheed to creating ‘McAfee’, one of the most popular antivirus in the world

John McAfee created in 1987 McAfee Associates, one of the first companies dedicated to developing antivirus software. It did so after receiving the first computer virus designed for the PC, called Brain, while working at Lockheed. He resigned from the company

Two years after McAfee went public, the tycoon sold his shares. In 1997 the company Network Associates was formed after the merger of McAfee Associates Y Network General. Seven years later the company changed its name to simply McAfee. In 2010 it was acquired by Intel and in 2014 the multinational announced that it would change the branding to simply Intel Security.

After the change, John mcafee was extremely happy with the decision in an interview with the BBC: “I am eternally grateful to Intel for finally disassociating my name with the worst software on the planet. They are not my words, it is the opinion of millions of pissed off users.”

A year earlier, McAfee posted an extremely surreal video on his YouTube channel showing how to uninstall McAfee antivirus, allegedly by shooting a laptop, but not before clarifying that for the past 15 years the software has nothing to do with it.

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