As we approach the date in which the school cycles end, we find numerous generations, from students who finish their degree to young children who will go to primary school, who unfortunately will not have a graduation as they imagined. Because of this, some remote graduation ceremonies are being carried out via applications such as Zoom to celebrate the end of a school stage. Several celebrities have already come together to celebrate recent graduates, and now it has been John Malkovich’s turn.

The actor had the opportunity to give a graduation speech through Zoom to a group of preschool students through The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

In the video of the shared speech on the show’s YouTube channel, the actor begins by introducing himself as “the two-time Academy Award nominee John Malkovich.” Subsequently, he continued with the comedy of the speech reminding the children of where they could meet the actor:

“I may be known for The Killing Fields, the story of the Khmer Rouge orchestrated genocide against their own people.”

He went on to remind them of some of the things they shouldn’t do when they go to the bathroom now that they are following a path after preschool, as well as reminding them how their path could become in the future:

“As your journey to kindergarten and beyond progresses, the lessons you learned here will serve you well. It is important to share: Do not eat pasta [dental] and if they drip when it clinks, the seat is tidy and cleaned afterwards.

I wish I could tell you that things will get easier and life will be no more than crayons and baby carrots, but soon you will have to learn valuable lessons like how to use the pointed-tip scissors and trust me it’s always fun until someone loses an eye . And still, sometimes it’s fun. “

The actor ended his funny speech by quoting his character from the movie Dangerous Liaisons to wish them luck in the future and before congratulating them on graduating:

“Your future is beyond my control.”

John Malkovich

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