John Diggle will appear in episode 12 of Superman and Lois

Image of John Diggle in Arrow (2012 -?) 7x20: Confessions

Last December it was officially announced that the actor David ramsey I would return as John diggle for several episodes of the Arrowverse series. A return that was also defined as important at the plot level, and that also on a personal level for Ramsey would be highlighted because in parallel he would return to exercise the role of director for some episodes of those series.

Officially, it is confirmed that Ramsey would appear as a guest star in “The Flash”, “Supergirl”, “Batwoman”, “Superman & Lois” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”, saying only that it would be a highly secret role. Now more details of one of those future appearances of the character are given.

He’s the showrunner of the series “Superman & Lois”, Todd Helbing, who confirms that Ramsey was we will see in chapter 12 from the first season. An episode for which we will still have to wait a few weeks because this next Tuesday (in the United States, Wednesday in Spain) the series returns with its sixth chapter.

When asked which Arrowverse character he would like to have in the series, Helbing alluded to Flash, although he has explained once again that, because of the coronavirus, all these crossovers are getting more and more complicated.

I mean, obviously I have an affection for Flash. You know I love Grant [Gustin, protagonista de ‘The Flash’]. It would be a lot of fun. We’ll see. I think the way things evolved with our series and inadvertently being separated the way we are because of COVID, it really changed a lot of plans that we had. The further we went, the harder it was to justify a great explanation. It felt very fake. So that’s where it really came from.

But John Diggle appears in episode 12! Circumstances led us down this other path, so we’ll see what happens next season.

As we say, Ramsey returns as director, and he was precisely in charge of direct the seventh episode from “Superman & Lois,” which is titled “Man of Steel.” When asked what Ramsey could bring to the episode as an Arrowverse veteran, Helbing applauded Ramsey’s abilities.

Well, first of all, his directing skills… it’s fantastic. So I think he has the skill set that is needed, as someone in a series that is as great as ours. You need someone who is comfortable with series as big as ours, and he has always been in it.

In addition, he contributes his knowledge, because he is from this world. So I think he speaks all the languages ​​that need to be spoken. It was a lot of fun collaborating with him. So a lot of great ideas. I think what he did with episode 7 is fantastic, and it’s one of my favorites of the season.

Although “Arrow” came to an end last year, it left the future open for Diggle, who has played an important role since the series’ premiere. In “Fadeout,” Diggle appeared to receive his Green Lantern ring. The closing montage, which revealed members of Team Arrow heading their separate ways, continued with Diggle as he finished packing up his house to move to Metropolis. Suddenly, a fireball crashed in front of him, leaving a smoking crater. There he discovered a small box. When he opened it, the contents glowed green, suggesting that John Diggle of Earth had been invited to join the Green Lantern Corps. However, it is unclear at this time if the next Ramsey episodes will explore the aftermath of this reveal.

Image of John Diggle and the Green Lantern reference in Arrow 8x10: FadeoutImage of John Diggle and the Green Lantern reference in Arrow 8x10: Fadeout

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