Cesaro comments that John Cena would be in the top 5 of the best superstars of all time.

The superstar of the blue brand of WWE SmackDown, Cesaro He has been the special guest in one of the most recent editions of the program The Bump. Cesaro has spoken on various topics, but one of the most outstanding has been his opinion on John Cena as a superstar.

So much Cesaro how John Cena They are considered as two of the current fighters who are in WWE with more talent. And both had the opportunity to see each other’s faces in the ring several times, but one of their best encounters was when John Cena and Cesaro they fought for the championship of the United States of WWE.

Cesaro He wanted to share his opinion of John Cena and how much he appreciates his work in the ring:

John Cena is one of the five best superstars of all time. Her work ethic is second to none. Her ability in the ring, I think, is absolutely amazing. And I still think it is undervalued.

It has taught me a lot in WWE. He was one of those guys who was there the whole time for every event. He is an inspiration. Once he told me; “You’re only as good as your last fight.” I have a similar idea, but this is how I focus on each fight. I try to make it special.

John Cena He has been one of the superstars who has been given the most by the business since its earliest days and has been a great example to follow both as a superstar and as a person for a large part of the WWE Universe. Although he is now a little removed from the ring, hopefully we will see for many more years to John Cena as the great example to follow in and out of WWE.

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