John Carter’s European dispute postponed

Bad news for John carter. From the promoter MGZ Promotions they report that the fighter from Granada John carter You will not be able to dispute the European super featherweight title next August 13 in Marbella.

“Our dear Carter must be a season of forced unemployment due to prudence in order to undergo medical examinations, and after a finding in one of the routine medical tests that he has undergone and that leave doubts, so the specialists have indicated that he should not fight without previously undergoing further tests to clarify the real scope of the clinical finding. “, they point out in the statement.

In order for the Granada-born boxer to face such an important continental event in the coming months, and with full powers, the environment of Carter and MGZ have put the title dispute on hold at the expense of the decision taken by the highest European body regarding the aspirantazgo of Granada.

It should be noted that pending the medical results of the Granada-born athlete, the EBU maintains its position as official candidate, granting the Frenchman the possibility of contesting a voluntary defense of his championship.

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