John Carpenter Says Snake Plissken Deserves More Movies

John carpenter wants to Kurt russell become Snake Plissken again, the favorite hero of his fans thanks to ‘Rescue in New York’. The 15 best films of John Carpenter.

Few tougher guys have ever been in action movies who Snake Plissken, the antihero played by Kurt russell in ‘Rescue in New York’ (1981) and its sequel ‘Rescue in LA’ (1996), both directed by John carpenter. Precisely on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the second, the filmmaker wanted to make it clear that Plissken has the potential to move forward with his story, regardless of the remake he is already preparing. Robert Rodriguez.

“He’s a character that Kurt loves. He was the one who convinced me to do the sequel.”, has told in an interview for Total Film, in which he spoke of ‘Halloween Kills’, the new installment of the horror saga that he began with ‘Halloween night’ in 1978. But it seems that the director has not been able to resist to comment on this character, one of the most iconic of his filmography and one of the most loved by his fans. “There is probably a third or even a fourth more story about Snake. I don’t know if we will get to make them, but I do think he deserves them.”Carpenter has stated.

Kurt Russell in Rescue in LA

As we pointed out, there are plans to bring the story of ‘Rescue in New York’ back to the big screen, but in the form of a remake. Leigh whannell (‘Saw’, ‘The Invisible Man’) wrote the script for Fox, and Robert Rodriguez he was announced as director. In addition, Rodríguez expressed his wish that it be Kurt Russell’s son Wyatt Russell, who took over from his father as Snake Plissken. We have recently seen the actor entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as US Agent in the series ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’.

In his first installment, Snake Plissken saved the president of the United States, and in the second he did the same with the president’s daughter. Who could he save in the future? Jeff Bezos? We will have to wait to see if the dreams of the fans (and Carpenter himself) come true.

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