There are few players with as much self-confidence and charisma as those that emerge Joel Embiid, both on and off the court. The center of the Philadelphia 76ers sharpens the tusk facing the final section of the NBA And he wants to become the most important player in a franchise that should be open to everything. In words collected by ESPN, he openly opines all current affairs and shows his controversial personality and strong character, leaving controversial reflections.

– Opinion on the Orlando bubble. « I hate the idea, I feel that everything that is happening is very unfortunate. I want to stay safe and make my environment be safe, I would not like to get the virus because there may be future consequences. I will go there to do my job and to represent the best that I can to my community. My winning mentality will not change and I know that if I stay healthy I will be able to be the protagonist, « he assured.

– Penetration with Ben Simmons and Al Horford. « This is a team game, I know I have to do my best to involve Ben as much as possible and I am willing to open spaces for him. He has the right mindset, I know he would do whatever it takes to win and we agree with Al. I have no problem with Al , I think we can adjust well on the court and be complementary, I like to play alongside him. We need people willing to take the lead and shoot, « Joel said.

– Your starring role. « I know what I am capable of and I know that my teammates fully trust me as their leader. I can take the team to the greatest and if I am not receiving the ball, I just have to talk to them to make that change. We should never come to that situation, just because of who I am I should knead the attacks most of the time. I need to be in positions where I feel comfortable and my colleagues have to help me do it, « he said.

– Confidence that the Orlando bubble protocol will be followed

06/17/2020 12:06

Adam Silver and his team have submitted a document of more than 100 pages that includes protocols for crisis and preventive measures.

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. « I am not going to have a problem because I am a very simple and obedient person. I will limit myself to being in my room and entertaining myself with video games. However, many others like to go out and do things. I know myself well and I know that I am not going to put the health of others at risk on a whim, but I would not put my hand on fire for other NBA players, « said the always clear Joel Embiid.