Philadelphia 76ers It is one of the teams that is already in Orlando training to prepare for the end of the NBA campaign. His landing in Florida has been one of the most talked about due to the outfit worn by his big star Joel Embiid, who has appeared with a safety suit, gloves and mask, more than prepared not to be infected under any circumstances by the coronavirus.

Embiid is not one of those who agreed to play again under these conditions, although he agrees to play: « I’m not a big fan of the idea, but I’m going to do my job. I’m not going to leave the city lying around. I have to represent my city, my family and my colleagues. That is what I have always done. « 

On safety, the Sixers star is very clear about the behavior that must be taken, as evidenced by the outfit he wore and, apparently, his behavior during these last weeks: « I know that I am going to do things correctly. Never I’ve done nothing. I only play video games, I’m at home. I don’t do anything. But I don’t trust others to do the same. « 

This lack of confidence in « the others » is what has made Embiid want to land in Orlando as safely as possible, hence he has completely covered himself. If everyone took things like him there would be no case in the NBA …