The possibility that the glorious project has ended is not contemplated. The Golden State Warriors are determined to extend their dominance in NBA and after a season of parenthesis, those from San Francisco explore the market in search of a great star that will make them opt for the ring again. If the rumor that Giannis Antetokounmpo was on the radar of those at bay came to light some time ago, the possibility that NBC Sports journalist Josh Schrock argues is even more surprising and disturbing: Joel Embiid and his signing for Golden State Warriors.

02/19/2019 08:02

The fact that Kevin Durant can leave Golden State next summer has started a series of rumors about his possible medium-term substitute.

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Chills enter just thinking that a team with a perimeter as deadly as the one they form Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, could incorporate what many consider to be the best interior player in the entire NBA. The Cameroonian is hungry for glory and his lack of understanding at times with Ben simmons as well as the inability to Philadelphia 76ers By surrounding him as he considers it is due, they have been able to make Joel consider giving up some prominence on the court to be able to fight for glory with guarantees.

And, contrary to what I might think, in this transfer still fictional, the Golden State Warriors would not sacrifice any of the Splash Brothersbut they would of the young Andrew Wiggins. The talented shooting guard from Minnesota Timberwolves, whose lack of blood and tactical clairvoyance at decisive moments, remains unconvincing. In addition, having another outside player with characteristics similar to those of Curry and Thompson is perceived by the franchise as an opportunity to exchange it for another piece in a different position.

The transfer would be completed with two rounds of draft and Eric Paschall, as well as a future change in draft pick with the Sixers. It is only a rumor generated from an assumption of someone well placed in the upper echelons of the NBA, but it cannot be disregarded. Still and in case Philadelphia 76ers If a good end of the season didn’t come together and he wanted to change course, it seems more likely that they would sacrifice Ben Simmons than Joel Embiid. We will have to be aware of what happens in the coming months because it can be decisive.