Joe Rogan reveals “very strange” encounter with Donald Trump at UFC 264

Donald Trump, former president of the United States, attended UFC 264 and had a “very strange” encounter with Joe Rogan. The UFC commentator recently revealed this on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, explaining that he was sitting at the commentary table when the businessman appeared to dedicate some kind words to him.

«I had my headphones on and I said: ‘Hey, how are you man? Pleased to meet you’«, Begins counting Joe Rogan. “He shook his hand and made a video. It’s kind of funny. He says, ‘Oh, you do a tremendous job, an amazing job, a good job.’. I should have taken a selfie with him, f ** k. What are you going to do? It was weird. It was very weird. However, when he came in, I’m telling you, man, they cheered him on », ends the commentator and podcaster narrating what happened.


Probably in the future Joe Rogan will have the opportunity to take that selfie with Donald Trump since He is not only a UFC fan but also a good friend of Dana White. Also in all likelihood the former president did not listen to what the commentator has in his comedy shows about him. Or maybe yes and it was fun.

Below you can listen to Rogan’s words about Trump:


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