The office of the Big leagues suspended eight games on Wednesday Joe Kellypitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who the day before launched a fastball that passed the head of Alex Bregman, of Houston, and challenged with a series of taunts Carlos Correa, another baseball player from the Astros.

The benches were emptied after Kelly struck out Correa to end the sixth inning of the game that the Dodgers won 5-2 at Minute Maid Park. The game marked the first time both teams collided since it was revealed that the Astros stole signals from rivals in 2017, when they beat Los Angeles in the World Series.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was suspended for one game, while his Astros colleague Dusty Baker will have to pay an unspecified fine.
Kelly chose to appeal the sanction and will be able to continue playing while that procedure is completed. Roberts decided to purge the suspension Wednesday night, when the Dodgers were playing again in Houston.

The pitcher, known for his powerful straight but also for his lack of control, has already had to fulfill previous suspensions in his career for hitting the opponents with balls.

Animosity has grown between the Dodgers and Astros, who were penalized by the major leagues during the intersessional recess, after their cheating was discovered.

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Bregman, one of the stars in that Astros coronation, came to bat in the bottom of the sixth inning of Tuesday’s game, when the Dodgers won 5-2.

Kelly was with Boston in 2017 and faced Houston in that postseason, too. With a 3-0 count, he launched a straight line that whizzed past the back of Bregman’s neck, who grimaced after jumping to avoid the impact and then jogged to the initial.

There were two outs in the inning when Kelly curved over Correa’s head. The Puerto Rican, who shot a home run and finished with three hits, took off his helmet and shot a challenging glance at Kelly, before continuing the turn.

Kelly ended up striking out to end the inning. The pitcher then showed his tongue and gestured in the direction of his rival, who began to advance towards him.

Both were made of words, which led to the banks being emptied. It was the first attempt at a fight in this campaign shortened by the coronavirus.

Different players swarmed to exchange shouts, just as the major leagues have imposed social distancing measures to prevent further infections and complete the 60-game season. However, there was no pushing or hitting.