Joe Kelly arrived in a suit “a la marciahi” to the White House with the Dodgers

The pitcher Joe Kelly arrived in a mariachi-style outfit to White House in the reception of the Dodgers after winning the championship in the MLB 2021.

Joe Kelly as he always does unique and unusual things, he attended the White House along with the rest of his teammates in a Mariachi-style outfit, no other player in the history of the MLB he had dared to do things like this.

It is the second time that Kelly visits the White House, since in 2018 he was champion with the Boston Red Sox, but he did not attend with an outfit like this, everything indicates that he took a bit of Mexican culture when playing for so many fans and deal with Mexicans in the city of Los Angeles.

Here the photo:

Other players were in normal and formal attire, although the Joe Kelly not bad, not to be seen next in the United States White House.

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