The fear that has spread at the same speed as the pandemic of coronavirus, continues to grip the world of sports and has become very palpable in the NBA. After several positives on their own, like those of Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, one of the most solid and consistent players in the league, as he is Joe Ingles, has offered interesting reflections on how the quarantine is living. The Australian is at his Salt Lake City home with his family, including three-year-old twins Jacob and Mila. The first of them suffers from autism and problems in his immune system, which make him especially vulnerable to a virus like this.

“When I found out about the positive results from my colleagues, I put distance with my family. I asked to be tested as soon as possible and the truth is that it was a bad drink. They put a kind of tube through your nose and it’s 10 seconds in which you A lot of things are going through my head. I feared for my son and told myself that I was ready to do anything to protect him, “reveals the Jazz forward shooter and playmaker, who surprises with a categorical statement. “We all left the test with tears in our eyes, both because of its unpleasantness and because of the tension we had accumulated,” said a man who, at 32, seems to have a long way to go.

However, questioned about the weight of basketball in his life right now, Joe Ingles is forceful. “Obviously, I would love to play again and enjoy my passion. There are thousands of reasons to think about basketball, but above all that is my son Jacob. If they assured me that he would protect him in case of leaving basketball and going to Australia, I would do it without hesitation. Yes. I would be willing to abandon basketball for my family, “he said in some overwhelming statements that show how in a serious situation, everything loses importance regarding health and loved ones.