Joe Ingles and the data that confirms that the Utah Jazz is crazy

Utah Jazz is the fashion team in the NBA and is not for less. With their particular potholes and their expected and logical lows, Salt Lake City are the best team in the entire league and that can only answer two reasons: the excellent work of Quin Snyder and the fearsome level of some of the players on the roster of these Jazz.

Under the talented baton of Donovan Mitchell, with the scoring facility of Bojan bogdanovic, the centimeters and the physique of Rudy Gobert, the defensive concepts of Royce o’neale, the successful game direction of Mike conley, contributions from the bench of Georges Niang or Jordan Clarkson… And also the figure of Joe Ingles, the acquaintance of Spanish basketball who continues to get away with that golden left-hander that characterizes him so much.

The data

Honestly, the data offered by the fellow Stat Muse is literally terrifying. We extract it from the list of NBA players who have achieved 70% or more success in field goals throughout a season, and it is in that ranking where we find:

– DeAndre Jordan on 3 occasions, in the seasons 14/5, 15/16 and 16/17, when he recorded percentages between 70.3 and 71.4 in field goals in the 3 courses.

– Wilt Chamberalain, with his spectacular 72.7% success rate in the 72/73 season.

– Mitchell Robinson during the past season, who achieved the record in the history of the league with 74.2%.

– JOE INGLES, who this season is 71.4% correct in field goals.

What is really surprising about this data is that all his milestone companions are centers. That is to say, 99% of his shots during a season occur very close to the rim, even most are dunks or trays that have little chance of ending up bouncing.

However, Joe Ingles is matching those numbers when he’s a regular 3 or 2 shooter but from medium and long range. An absolute outrage that confirms his state of form and that gives us touches about why the Utah Jazz is being the best team in the NBA and is a serious candidate to fight for the ring.