Joe Biden wins the state of Georgia

Joe Biden won Georgia and its 16 electoral votes, an extraordinary triumph for Democrats seeking to expand their electoral map through the Sun Belt.

Biden’s victory increases his advantage in the Electoral College over President Donald Trump.

Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election on November 7, after winning Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, states that favored Republicans in 2016.

With Georgia, Biden reached 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232.

Trump won Georgia by 5 percentage points over Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In 2020, Democrats focused much of their efforts on the state, which they deemed undecided two years after Democrat Stacey Abrams lost a close race for governor.

Both federal Senate seats for Georgia were on this year’s ballot, increasing the political relevance of the state, as well as investment from outside groups trying to influence voters.

Those Senate races will be defined in a second round of elections in January.

Georgia had not favored a Democratic presidential candidate since Bill Clinton in 1992.