Joe Biden surpasses Donald Trump’s “America first” with his “America is back” speech

Joe biden meets today his first month as president of the United States. On January 20, he vowed to undo the legacy of Donald Trump. A legacy was to be marked by a phrase that Trump repeated at his investiture: “America first“.

Trump’s goal was to prioritize the United States before everyone else. A speech that confronted the world, its European partners and NATO. Yesterday Joe Biden debuted on the international scene with two great virtual dates. And whatI want to send a very clear message: “America is back“.

The United States is betting again, says transatlantic relations, by defense of democracy and for its commitment to allies of always. That message has generated a sigh of relief in Europe, and of course, in Washington as well.

The return to diplomacy and talks with European leaders have focused Joe Biden’s first message on the G summit7 and at a virtual security conference in Germany.

Commitment to NATO and European allies

These first speeches were translated into a commitment to NATO, with which Trump did not have a good relationship. The commitment that Biden has adopted is also with europe, where Biden warned that democratic commitment is threatened.

On the other hand, Russia and China remain the great adversaries from the United States. Joe Biden has highlighted the attacks on rights and freedoms by Beijing and the threat that Moscow poses to the alliance.

The president of the United States visited a few hours ago Pfizer’s vaccine manufacturing plant in Michigan. In these facilities he has celebrated the little time that has been used to manufacture the vaccine, in addition he has started a commitment from the company to double the supply in the United States.