Joe Biden analyzes increasing personnel in the Cuban embassy and the possible

The wave of protests in Cuba had a response from the White House on Monday. President Biden ordered the State Department to review a possible staff increase at the United States embassy in Havana.

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Earlier, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the magnitude of the protests was a factor in considering US policies toward Cuba: “We only want to do what benefits the people, without giving more power to the government.” , he pointed out.

Andy Gómez, professor at the Center for Cuban Studies at the University of Miami, says: “I think it has been a bit slow. This should have been done last week. Last Monday”.

Gomez does not trust the effectiveness of a measure that, according to White House officials, seeks to “facilitate diplomatic, consular and civil society participation.”

“I don’t think the United States is going to send more personnel to process visas for Cubans who want to leave right now. It will surprise me if it happens, ”he says.

Biden also ordered a task force to analyze possible avenues for sending remittances. But directly to the Cuban people.

And I think that it does the Cuban government a good that these remittances begin to enter, because if not, the control of the hands will go away, as we saw last Sunday.

Dariel Fernández, a Cuban political activist, says: “The people of Cuba have to stop being a maintained people as they have been during these 60 years.”

“It is not only the economy, because sending money when there is no food, what are they going to do with the money?” Says Gómez.

Both Biden and Congress would also be working on options for Cubans to access the internet. Something that they have promised to resolve since the protests broke out on July 11.

Maribel González, a Cuban resident in South Florida, says:

“You don’t ask for food. No food is required. Medicine is not required. What is asked of him is freedom ”.

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