Job application completed by Steve Jobs up for auction

Most of us think about the beginnings of Steve Jobs like the young man who dropped out of college to focus on his dream of changing the world from his home garage. However, at one time, Jobs thought of working on something different. And there is evidence.

Steve JobsSteve Jobs

According to a post seen on Mac Rummors Jobs filed a job application in 1973, just after leaving Reed College, where he attended school for about six months and then listened to classes for another year and a half. The document will go up for auction this year, and like the few things Jobs signed, there are high expectations for its ultimate value.

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A Steve Jobs job form goes up for auction

On the form in the document, Jobs lists “english lit” as his major and Reed College as his address. List “Computer” and “Calculator” as skills, along with “Design” and “Technology”, and says he has special skills including “Electronics” and “Engineer in Technology or Design” digital.

Steve Jobs job applicationSteve Jobs job application

This job was not for Jobs and a year later he joined Atari as a technician, where he worked with Steve Wozniak before they founded Apple in 1976.

Charterfields organizes the auction online, following the instructions of Begbies Traynor and Inquesta, liquidators of Sourcechain Technologies Limited. The same begins on February 24th and ends on March 24th.

“(The form) is in very good condition with some general wrinkles, light stains and old transparent tape on the top edge. It is accompanied by letters and certificates of authenticity. «

But, it is not the first time that the document goes to a similar event. It previously sold at auction in 2018 for more than $ 175,000. And although that serves as a good benchmark for its current value, Apple’s growth today is sure to influence the increase in its final value.