After twenty-five years together, Joaquín Sabina and Jimena Coronado have taken the step. The couple secretly married in an intimate ceremony held in the Civil Courts of Pradillo Street, in Madrid, as confirmed by « Efe » their representative. The interpreter wore a blue suit, a straw hat and sneakers. The bride shared the casual « look » and also wore a blue dress with flat sandals. Both, yes, protected by the already essential masks.

The ceremony, attended by the singer-songwriter as godfather Joan Manuel Serrat, and the singer’s two daughters, Carmela and Rocío, were officiated by the current interior minister, the magistrate Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who also has a great friendship.

The couple met in 1999 during an interview in a room at the Sheraton hotel in Lima. He came as an interviewee and she as a photojournalist, and since then she has become her inseparable companion in good times and bad, such as when the singer recently suffered a sharp fall during a concert at the Wizink Center in Madrid.

It was on February 12, when Sabina (Úbeda, 1949) rushed into the pit in front of the stage from a height of approximately 1.70 meters, causing a « trauma to the left shoulder, thoracic and cranioencephalic » and a « small clot » of the that he underwent surgery and kept him in the intensive care unit for a few days.

« It was stronger than you think. I have up to two operations, titanium and a bruise on my head, » said the jienense in his first public intervention on television in April, in an interview in which he did not hesitate to point out: « I have no the slightest intention of dying, that death die.  »

It was last November when Serrat revealed that his friend had asked his partner to marry him. The singer-songwriter revealed the « secret » in the Argentine program « Teleshow », which he attended with Joaquín Sabina.

When the presenter asked him about the last moment in which he had felt great joy, the Catalan replied: « When he asked Jimena to marry, I saw him: he knelt down and gave her a ring … It was so beautiful. » Sabina, without hiding her emotion, confirmed that her friend’s words were true and that Jimena « deserved it. » « Yes, yes … I am 70 years old, the day that Jime turned 50, I turned my neck and in verse … », he explained with a laugh.

This is the musician’s second marriage, who in 1977 married Lucia Inés Correa, from which she divorced in 1985. Subsequently, she had a long relationship with Isabel Oliart which lasted until 1998, as a result of which his two daughters were born, Carmela and Dew.