Joaquin Phoenix to star in Ari Aster’s new film

The film would begin filming in late 2022. Photo: Warner Bros / AP | Warner Bros / AP

It would be throughout 2020 that various reports would begin to emerge about the new film of Ari aster, who after his first two films has managed to become one of the most promising horror film authors of his generation.

After some vague reports on the theme of his new production, as well as the possible protagonist of it, Deadline confirms that the new project of Aster will be titled « Disappointment Blvd.”, Confirming that it will be Joaquin phoenix, winner of Oscar for his performance in « Joker”, Who will take over the lead role.

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The report states that the film will be financed and produced once again by the production house. A24, being their third collaboration in Aster’s career as a feature filmmaker. Very few details have been revealed about the project, except that this will be « an intimate portrait spanning decades of one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. »

In recent months, the filmmaker has offered some cryptic descriptions of what he could present in his next feature film. During a talk with the associate committee of the student program at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Aster said he considered his project « a nightmarish comedy. »

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« All I know is that it will be four hours long and will be rated for over 17s, » he would comment. Despite the fact that the director would also announce that he was developing a film called « Beau Is Afraid », which would be based on one of his short films, it was thought that this would be the project with which Phoenix he would be involved.

Phoenix is also in preparations to star in « Kitbag”, Film directed by the legendary director Ridley scott in which the actor will play the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. It is expected that the production of the Aster is carried out at the end of 2022 so as not to interfere with the Scott.