Joaquin Phoenix to star in Ari Aster film

After Hereditary and Midsommar, the new work by Ari aster will have a new Oscar-winning lead: Joaquin phoenix, who will be in charge of taking us by the hand to a new director’s nightmare that with only two feature films is already considered cult.

It had previously been mentioned that Ari Aster’s next project was a four-hour comedy, but naturally coming from Aster’s mind, we might imagine it’s not just any typical American comedy.

Now it is known (via) that the independent studio A24 will be in charge of producing and distributing -in the United States- the film that bears the title Disappointment Blvd, Which he describes as:

« An intimate portrait that covers several decades in the life of one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time »

Although Deadline does not associate the four-hour comedy with Disappointment Blvd, The truth is that Aster in a podcast with the University of Santa Barbara and the Associated Student Program Board noted that he had finished that sketch that described it as a « comedy nightmare, » and the fact that Phoenix is ​​in charge of the camera, remember what he accomplished with a story of these psychedelic touches with Own vice by Paul Thomas Anderson.

It is also not known if A24 will really be able to deliver a four-hour film, however the director has Midsommar’s director cut which is three hours – technically two hours and 50 minutes – so that does not sound far-fetched.

joaquin phoenix

Sergio López Aguirre Stanley Kubrick once said « To have a broader vision, not only see good movies, but also the bad ones » obviously I listened to him in the second and it is very funny.